Appellate Advocacy​ 

Appellate advocacy is a unique practice which covers many areas of law, and which requires a high level of analytical ability, legal research and writing skills, as well as proper oral advocacy. Mr. Magee has extensive experience in this practice area, having conducted over seventy civil and criminal appeals (with seven reported decisions) and Petitions for Writ of Certiorari to the Supreme Court of the United States, the United States Circuit Courts of Appeal, the New Jersey Supreme Court, and the appellate courts of New Jersey and Maryland. Although clients and practictioners often believe that the trial-level attorney is the best option to handle an appeal, the appellate process is a practice area which should be handled by an experienced hand, as it is either your last opportunity to prevail in your litigation or your opportunity to put a final end to years of litigation.  Mr. Magee invites attorney referrals and is available to assist and participate as co-counsel on your behalf.


•  State and Federal Appeals

•  Interlocutory Appeals

•  Emergent Appeals 

•  Civil and Criminal Appeals 

    -  Civil and Commercial Litigation 

    -  Business Law and Disputes 

    -  Criminal Convictions 

    -  Real Estate and Title Disputes 

    -  Family Law

    -  Workers' Compensation 

    -  International Law 

    -  Land Use 

    -  Government 

    -  Insurance Coverage 

    -  Personal Injury 

    -  Administrative Law 

    -  Foreclosures 

    -  Secured Transactions 

•  Available for retention as co-counsel 

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