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All too often, small and medium-sized businesses retain an attorney after the partnership or shareholder documents have been adopted (or none at all) and a dispute has arisen, or after their contracts have been used for years only to discover they violate the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, subjecting the business to paying the consumer's attorney's fees despite proper performance pursuant to the contract, or after they realize their non-compete agreement is unenforceable following the departure of an employee or partner, etc. Simply put, retaining an attorney as soon as possible is a smart business decision. In addition, an experienced attorney is a necessity when selling or purchasing business assets and for general legal and regulatory advice. 


So, whether you are an individual negotiating a contract, beginning the process of forming a business, own existing businesses, have procurement or administrative issues with governmental or professional agencies and associations, a non-profit seeking guidance, an entity or individual seeking to prosecute or defend your legal rights in court, or a bank, business, or individual in need of or seeking to enforce loan documents, Mr. Magee has the experience and knowledge to navigate your legal issues.  Over the course of his career, Mr. Magee has successfully represented individuals and small, medium, and large businesses, banks, contractors, restaurants, non-profits, breweries, collision repairs centers, and others in such matters.  

•  Formation and Dissolution of Entities  

•  Partnership, Shareholder, and Operating Agreements

•  Asset Purchases and Sales 

•  Contracts

•  Business Structure Assessments 

•  Succession Planning 

•  Loan Documents

•  Regulatory Compliance

•  Employment Agreements

•  Non-Compete Agreements

•  Litigation 

•  Emergent Applications 

•  Administrative Hearings 

•  Liquor Licenses 

•  Government Issues and Procurement

•  Insurance and Liability Issues

•  Healthcare Providers 

•  Collections 

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