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Real Estate


The foundation of most wealth in civilization is real property and the most important purchase or sale in a person's life is likely a home.  Further, the success of many businesses can be traced to the purchase or lease of commercial property, the agreed-upon terms of such a transaction, environmental issues, and the success of a land use application.  For landlords, what should be a steady stream of income many times becomes a never-ending headache of court hearings and recalcitrant tenants. In addition, the protection of title to your property and the locations of your boundary lines may need prosecution or defense.  Or, you may have a riparian issue that needs to be secured. Regardless of your legal needs, your property is your most important asset and Mr. Magee is available to analyze your issues, offer advice, prepare and negotiate contracts, and litigate on your behalf.

•  Residential and Commercial Transactions  

•  Residential and Commercial Leases 

•  Title and Boundary Line Issues 

•  Litigation

•  Landlord and Tenant Actions 

•  Broker Commission Agreements 

•  Tidelands Claims and Riparian Rights

•  Tax Appeals

•  Eminent Domain

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